Monday, April 13, 2009

Outdoor Art

Wyatt is a budding young artist...definitely into some sort of "modern" art because I sure don't get it. I can imagine him as one of those artists who accidentally let his cats walk through paint and put footprints all over a canvas that he'd then sell for thousands as art critics everywhere expressed amazement over such an intense level of creativity. Last week, he was in a "Pooh and the dragon" phase. This week, he's drawing pictures of everybody.

Sidewalk chalk seems to be his favorite medium of late, especially since mean mommy stifled his creativity by forbidding him to draw on the white refrigerator with a black ink pen. I don't have a problem with him seeing the entire world (i.e., the linoleum, the sofa, any walls) as a canvas. I just have a problem with him using that world as a canvas.

The first piece of art is simply entitled "Mommy." Yeah--that's how I feel some days: totally frazzled. The second is entitled "Daddy"--I'm assuming this is how daddy's hair will look once he's done raising three children--just a little left on each side.

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