Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diaper Box Party

If you're stuck at home with 3 kids, 2 of whom are unhappy anywhere but in your arms, what do you do? You stick them in diaper boxes, call it a train, and have an imaginary party where you pass out cake and punch to everyone! The problem is I only had 2 boxes, so we had to share--yeah, that went over as well as you can imagine. At one point, Wyatt tried to get in the box with Amelia. The twins want to be able to sit up, but they can't sit still, and once they start flailing about, they tip over. The boxes solve the problem.

On the potty training front today, Wyatt did a 180--he peed in his underware but he managed to get all his poo in the potty. What's with that!? He's been happily peeing on the potty for a week but missing the #2 part, and now, nope. I will definitely not miss this part of childhood.

I told him we were going to see Dr. Hill in a week so the babies could get some shots. He thinks about it, then says, "I want some chicken pox." Why, you ask, does he want a disease? Because there's a cute little song in one of our books: "There's a little bump here, there's a little bump there; they're even in my hair. They itch and itch. They never stop. I've got the chicken pox." So, he thinks chicken pox is cool, even though I've told him he shouldn't get them because he had the shot.

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