Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gaining Ground

Update: after prayer last night, Amelia slept until 5 this morning when the alarm clock went off. Coincidence? I think not. Thank you, God. I think I'll be praying her to sleep every night for awhile. Today has been a good day. I did my Bible study while the kids took a short nap, and it was rejuvenating. Every insight I gained, I just wanted to write on my devotional blog and share with everyone, but I controlled myself because I've committed to once a week and to not making my blog my god. God just has SO much in his Word that is so meaningful! I'm like a pot bubbling over. I just think if people really knew the Word, they would be in such awe of God.

My children have made such rapid progress this week. Most weeks, I feel like I'm just treading water (or losing ground), but this week is different. During the daytime hours, Wyatt has been accident-free for four complete days! One pull-up per day, and today I even moved him to his Thomas undies with no problem. How fabulous is that! Also, Amelia and Emerson have learned to sit up without assistance (hence the picture). They're not too sturdy yet and if they see something they want or if Wyatt leaves the room, they tend to fall over, but it's still progress.

On a "not about me" note, I was sickened today to read about the new Jon & Kate scandal. I don't care whether the rumors are true or are just another made-up story to sell magazines--what I do care about is that this is yet another example of Satan attacking a marriage of a couple who present themselves to the world as Christians and that couple's witness. We just saw it with Mel Gibson and his wife who are divorcing after 28 years. Satan attacks the family because if it's destroyed, so is that family's witness. Divorce is like a death. Please join me in praying for this couple, that they will put love for and obedience to God first and love & commitment to their family next.

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