Thursday, April 16, 2009

Laughable Linguistics

I am sitting here basking in the silence. It's been a long, long day. Someone has been fussing or crying at almost every single moment for the past fourteen hours. But, in the midst of the crying is lots of fun. Wyatt is just a word bank of humor lately. He made up a new word today: "yummylicious." Pretty creative. I never know what is going to come out of his mouth or what actions on his part will result in sentences out of my mouth that I've never said before. For example, today I said, "Wyatt!! Noooooo!!! We don't poo under the tree!" "Stop drinking out of Jonah's water dish!!!" and "Sure, you can touch the cricket." I just can't think fast enough to know what mischief he could possibly want to try next.

Yesterday he was looking at one of those nasty blue tent caterpillars and said, "Look! Sunglasses!" When I got eye-level with the awful critter, its hard blue helmet-face did, in fact, look like his daddy's glasses. Then, the next thing he says is, "I smash it to pieces." And so he did, only to then peel caterpillar guts off his shoe. GROSS!! But, that was yesterday. Today, he did a number on my self esteem. I was telling him that mommy was not a horsey. He thinks about it and says, "Daddy a horsey. Mommy a cow." Gee thanks kid. Later when I was on the phone with Doug, I proceeded to try and ride his tricycle, which was quite difficult with long legs, and he kept screaming, "Run over me, mommy!" This is why the phone's mute button was invented.

I can't wait till Amelia and Emerson learn to talk. I know I'll die of embarrassment when the three of them spout out something they shouldn't, but right now, it's just so fun to listen to Wyatt create sentences, vocalize his child-like ideas. To watch his amazement at any little bug or flower a driveway rock can be an imaginary "treat" one minute and a "ball" the next--there are no words to describe it. As I held him facing me in my lap as we swung together on his swing set today, I savored each delighted squeal and genuine giggle every time the swing brought us down to earth and I would lean us both backwards to where my hair touched the grass. There will come a day all too soon when he won't want to sit in mommy's lap, when I'll have to pull from him his thoughts, when he won't wear every emotion easily on his face.

I feel so lucky to be included in his little world...I'm already saddened at the thought that this world will not last and that once it's gone, it's gone forever. I know each phase of my children's lives will have joys and trials. But unless God leads us to adopt more children later in life, this joyous innocence won't grace our household again. With each grown-up thing Wyatt does, with each change in his face, I see it already slipping away.

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