Monday, April 27, 2009

Giving Back

Today has been more Spring cleaning! I intended to get it done for Earth Day last week, but that didn't happen...hmm, wonder why? Must be getting lazy in my old age. I bagged up Emerson and Amelia's 3-6 month clothes, all of Wyatt's old bottles, and other assorted baby stuff I didn't need. Then, I posted it all on RedStick Freecycle.

Some days, I get so tired of the kiddy clutter that I just want to give away anything that can possibly collect dust....but if I got rid of as much as I want to, my family would think I was suicidal, so I have to control my decluttering desires. While my house definitely doesn't look like it, I'm an organization freak who craves labels and boxes. And it's a cleansing feeling to bag up stuff to send into someone else's life, thereby reducing clutter in my house and filling a need in another house.

Freecycle is my way of giving back. But the stories these people send me about why they need the baby clothes make me want to burst into tears. The need is so great. And I have to choose, which makes me then feel guilty for not having enough to give to those I didn't choose.

And what does this teach me? That I am SO glad I'm not God. I don't want to decide who gets the blessing and who doesn't, who gets cancer and who doesn't, who gets or loses a child and who doesn't. I'm reminded of how wonderful it is to have a God who makes the big decisions for us. Thank you God that you are Sovereign.

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