Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just Enough

Sometimes, I get so frustrated with my job. With spring fever attacking my students like a vicious plague, I more and more just want to reach through my computer screen and give a few of them a good shake because I've seen a glimpse of their sparkling wit or talent, all of which is hiding beneath apathy or "a 'C' is good enough for me" attitude. And I'm talking about real, vivacious skill here.

Where did this attitude come from? What past event or past person implanted the thought in these young minds that since they were only good enough to just get by anyway, they shouldn't even bother trying to be brilliant?

If they treat their coursework this way, do they treat their jobs the same way, too? (Just enough to earn a living? ) Their marriages? (Just enough to keep him happy?) This attitude really explains how people treat God, too--I'll give Him just enough of my life, just enough of my time so I don't feel guilty.

What would our world be like if people would do everything to the best of their ability instead of just settling for being mediocre, average? How many Einsteins or Fitzgeralds are buried under a life of mediocrity? And what would our relationship with God be like if we all took the attitude that the best of our ability is all we'll settle for?


  1. Wow Jennifer, that's a big question. It makes one wonder. I am doing some reflecting now as I ponder this....

    For me, at least, I can say that my relationship with God, if I were to just 'settle' and be okay with say a 'C' in my union with Him would be bland, unfruitful, and disappointing to Him. This would make me feel so guilty. Right now, to be truthful at my finest, I would say my union with Christ is probably on the 'B+' average; some days just a 'B'.

    Your post makes me really think and I know I'll be thinking about this throughout the day. I so much want to have an 'A++++++' relationship with Him. Thanks for posting this so others can reflect on where they see themselves.

    By they way do you have a testimony post, about what brought you to know Christ or have you from a very young age?

  2. Sorry, Sarah--I'm working on a testimony post. God kind of threw me headlong into this blog thing because he said "Start...NOW!" Had I done it my way, I would have done everything before I started posting anything. It's on my "To Do" list--the one where I email you with what I want my buttons to look like. :)

    The question really disturbs me because of what God does to "lukewarm" churches in Revelation--he spits us out! But a "C" quality of godliness just seems ok to most everyone and that's not what I think it'll take to save our country from more severe judgment.