Friday, April 10, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Sorry I haven't written much this week--I've been working through a sinus infection, both Wyatt and Emerson have felt poorly, and Emerson got his 2nd tooth yesterday.

Wyatt is so excited about Easter this year, and his enthusiasm is catching. Several times a day, he bursts into a rendition of "Here Comes Peter Cottontail"--in the van, in the tub, during supper. I'm not sure he's ever eaten a jelly bean, but he's fascinated with the line "He's got jelly beans for Tommy, colored eggs for sister Suuuuuue," and he'll repeat it even if he doesn't sing anything else of the song. He's also learned from my Fontanini tomb set that Easter eggs are empty because, as he says, "The tomb empty. Jesus alive!" SO cute.

We've seen the Easter bunny at the mall, gone egg hunting, so the only thing left was to dye eggs. In all honesty, I'd been putting it off because a terror grips me when I think of Wyatt in the same room with dye. I have visions of his arms, clothes, the floor, and all of me stained with a rainbow of colors, none of which come off even after scrubbing and Oxyclean. So, what did I do? I went to my parents' house.

I had no idea just how excited Wyatt would be. He was so giddy, he was literally bouncing up and down on his stool, not good considering there were 6 cups of colored water sitting inches from his bouncing form. Had I but known, we would have been wearing hazmat suits and would have done all the dyeing outside. But, alas, you live and learn.

In the end, he was so excited that most of the eggs look "yellow" because he couldn't leave them in the dye long enough. I was able to scrub the blue dye off the cabinet, and my fingers will lose their green hue (I hope) in a few days. When his daddy came in from work, the first words out of his mouth were, "Eat Easter eggs, daddy!" So, I peeled two and made deviled eggs for them. What surprised me was that Wyatt liked the white but not so much the yellow filling.

I can't wait for Easter morning. Before the kids, Doug and I would just buy our Easter candy in the 75% off Wallgreens sale. Not anymore; now, there'll be a chocolate bunny in my basket, too. There's just something about children's energy and excitement about little things that just rubs off on you and makes you smile. The air just crackles with excitement--if we could see that excitement, I'm sure it'd look like heat lightening that covers the entire skyline during mid-summer evenings!
I'm so blessed to have a house full of children.

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