Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meeting Clifford!

I know my life has been totally changed by this mommy thing when I walk into my closet to get dressed for an evening on the town with Wyatt and Doug and my first thought is not "What do I look really great in?" but, instead, is "What will wash the best when Wyatt wipes his supper on it?" I also know I'm sold out to being a mommy when I give up my date night with Doug to go see somebody in a red dog suit!

Friday night, Barnes and Noble was crazy enough to sponsor an Easter Egg hunt inside the kids' section of the store. I think they were unprepared for how many kids were there. And I was unprepared for some of those over-zealous parents skipping ahead in lines and picking up Easter eggs before the hunt to make sure their kids got everything best, first, and most.

Poor Wyatt--he found a purple egg before the hunt, and his mommy made him put it back. Then, they didn't announce the hunt, but, instead, just let parents and kids start picking up the eggs, and by the time we figured it out, the candy-filled eggs were all gone. Wyatt didn't care, but I was irritated, so I sent poor Doug to the front table where I'd seen a hidden cache of "extra" eggs. Doug grudgingly went, and he came back successful with three eggs! So, Wyatt still doesn't understand the competition in an egg hunt...not that he cared. But my husband got a chance to be my knight in shining armor!

Wyatt's favorite part of the evening was the cupcake station; a couple ladies from Whole Foods piped icing in the shape of Easter-themed images on top of these huge chocolate cupcakes. The kid in front of us in line was in 4th grade, and I heard the lady tell him she wasn't allowed to create anything violent, so, logically, the boy told her to pipe him a duck....with rabies. Yep--that's what I have to look forward to with my boys! She humored him, too. Wyatt chose a yellow duck. Imagine a huge, 3" diameter, 2" tall MEGA cupcake with a 2" tall mountain of yellow icing on top. Sugar heaven! So, as we stood in line to take pictures with Clifford, what else did Wyatt do? He slurped up the icing.

He wasn't scared of Clifford, either--he bounced up to him and jabbered something at the costumed critter as if this was just another conversation! Why not? He sees Clifford in books every day at home and at least once a week on the TV. I couldn't make him stand up straight for the picture; he preferred to cuddle close to Clifford. So cute.

Afterwards, we went to La Carretta because Wyatt likes shrimp quesadillas, chips, and salsa. At the end of the meal, I sent Doug and Wyatt to the potty. After ten minutes, I thought I was going to have to go in after them! I couldn't imagine what was taking so long--some sacred rite of manhood that I know nothing about, maybe? Nope. They finally come out and Doug says, "Ok. Here he is. Now I'm going to go." Huh? I've had shopping trips to Walmart that were shorter than your stint in the bathroom! That long and you both couldn't pee pee on the potty? Obviously not--Wyatt kept trying to touch things, pull his pants down, flush the potty, and pull down the roll of paper.

Yeah? That's nothing new. Can you imagine how rare it is that I can go to the potty by myself? Those daddies...I just had to laugh. So date night was a success, at least from Wyatt's perspective.

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