Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In stock

Wyatt has been doing so good on the potty training front! It's like something magical has happened in his brain. He wore one pair of pull-ups all day with no problems! Yay!!! Sure, I had to staple both sides of the pull-ups because they ripped apart after twelve hours of a two-year-old yanking them up and down, but we still used only one pair.

I've noticed the past two days that even though I constantly remind him, he is now ignoring me about going potty and then suddenly, he'll just up an run from the room of his own doing. Then, he runs back to say, "I did it! Wan come see?" Of course, I do, and he knows he won't get a treat unless I see it, especially since we're having a little problem with a thing called "the truth."

Today, though, he surprised me by not saying, "a huge treat!" but rather "I want an in stock." Huh? Then, I remembered that yesterday when he asked for a "wholebagMandMs," I had told him, "Mommy doesn't have any more of those. We'll have to see what I have in stock." So now he's gone an entire day asking for an "in stock" and has been happy with anything but especially Uncle Johnathan's huge M&M's (the peanut kind).

How funny is that? Wouldn't my perception of life be different if I just asked God to send me whatever blessings he's got in stock versus what I have in mind for how I'd like to be blessed? If I took that approach, I would not be disappointed when things didn't work out the way I thought they should but would, rather, be happy that God gave me anything from the treat cabinet.


  1. Aw, how cute of your little Wyatt! My son is three, so I too battled that stage, actually even still do. He does great going potty all day but he still wears pull-ups at bedtime and in just 4 months he'll be 4!! This really bothers me because my daughter never went past the age of 3, even at bedtime in anything other than her undies. But I hear the word on the street is to not pressurize or things might backfire. Patience, Sarah, patience....LOL.

    I love the way you ended your post! So very true....wouldn't it be nice to just ask God to send whatever he's got in stock for us versus what we want? But then, all the surprise would be lost....in some ways this would be such a blessing and in other ways not so because we wouldn't be learning through the process; I would love to be surprised by what God might do, yet I do see your point. That would be so magical and so great, wouldn't it?

    Great post...

    I was going to say something else but forgot....

    Oh, do you and your hubby plan on having any other children?

  2. What a great lesson!

    LOVE that! M&M's are magic, aren't they.


  3. No more kids for us unless God leads us to adopt later in life. Both my deliveries were very difficult, and this last time, I developed toxemia and it was touch and go for about 40 hours after the birth of my twins. My doctor told me I scared even him (and he's retiring in a couple months, so knowing how long he's been in the business, that meant something to me). We weighed the desire for more children with the desire for our current children to not have to grow up without a mommy. And thus, the twins are it. I'm ok with that.