Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting a Life

Starting last Monday, I spent the week transitioning the babies over to sippy cups instead of bottles, so feeding them is less of a chore and doesn't eat up as much time. Don't you just love the pic of proud papa feeding his little birds? Next step: teaching them to hold the sippy cups themselves!

Six months into this three children life, and things seem like they might be looking up. We all spent the weekend together--just the five of us--and it was so wonderful. I love my husband; I know from doing that love language book by Gary Chapman that my definition of love is fulfilled when my husband spends time with me. That's when I feel the most loved. But time with him has been rare this past 1/2 year because he has been helping by taking the three kids away to give me some rest or time to play catch-up with my paying (teacher) and non-paying (housewife) jobs.

But, this weekend, we did "real" stuff, not just staying at home for naps, grading papers, housework, and screaming kids. Papers are still ungraded & housework is still not done--I have Scarlett O'Hara know, "Tomorrow is another day."

On Saturday, we went to Home Depot and then out to eat at a sit-down restaurant (hint: if you order a la carte, the food comes faster!) Yes, Emerson "fussed" the entire meal, but it was a start towards getting a life back.

And today (Sunday), we went to the Fertility Reunion at Woman's Hospital. It was so nice to see all the babies and young children there--the photographer took a "group" picture and had to take 3 different panorama-style shots to get a photo that included everyone. I know God is the author of all life, but I also know God has used Dr. Webster (pictured here) in a special way to help bring those lives into the world to those of us who longed for children of our own but who had difficulties conceiving. I will always feel a thankful tenderness towards Dr. Webster and his wife Nancy and every kindness they extended in their efforts to help us have a family.

At the party, Wyatt had an absolute blast! We told him Dr. Webster was hosting a party and showed him the invitation (new word). He bounced the entire time we were there: in line, from and to the car, in those blow-up bouncie things, while he was eating cake--you get the picture.

Such a nice weekend. Hopefully, this is a coming trend, and our household will have many more of them.


  1. Loved the book on the Love Languages! Learned a lot!

    Where do you teach?

    Rena Gunther

  2. I teach online for River Parishes and South Louisiana Community Colleges. I'll be teaching for BRCC in the fall, too, but again, only online. My husband and I made the decision for me to quit my full time teaching position when our first son was born, and God made everything work out perfectly so that I can still teach from home via the Internet. It's a decision I don't regret and one that God has blessed.