Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why did God Create Fleas?

The only thing I cringe at more than roaches would be fleas. I hate fleas. They're bloodthirsty attack vessels on a covert-ops mission to invade your house when you're least expecting it (i.e., the dead of winter)...and then they decide not to kill you but rather to torture you. After the hurricane last year, I went to check on my brother's house, which had been closed for over a week post-storm because he'd been called up to military duty. During that one week of no electricity and muggy weather, a few fleas had turned into an entire organized militia. And in walked me, a free meal to a starving community and a ride to freedom. My ten minute "check" of the house turned into about 70 flea bites and scars I still have.

So, I'm extremely paranoid about fleas, but I kind of have reason to be that way. I see one--I'm freaking out and spraying and washing everything in sight. I have indoor cats that never go outdoors because I hate fleas that much. But, this past winter, a raccoon broke through our screened-in porch (read: chewed or tore a hole through the screen) and brought fleas to my cats.

Hundreds of dollars worth of professional-strength sprays later, the flea problem just won't go away! Doug sprayed some uber-spray last Saturday, and everything seemed better. But last night, I went to get another nightgown (the eau de squash that Amelia had decided to give me just wasn't my style) and as soon as I stepped on the rug by my bed, I could tell we'd had another "hatching." It's like they said, "Party!!!" because miniature dots started excitedly jumping up and down like they were at a rock concert. Crowd surfing took on an entirely different meaning. So, midnight last night, I'm washing rugs in hot water again and telling Doug he'd better stop by Greco's and pick up some Revolution to put on all the cats. Drastic times call for drastic measures.


  1. There is a pill called Comfortis that they sell at the vet it kills fleas for a MONTH and is amazing. Mule borax which is safe for pets works wonders when you sprinkle it on carpet it sucks the moisture out of the buggers and u vacuum them up! There is also a spray called Adams its sold at local pets stores and Walmart in a blue bottle I use it on my dogs and cat it kills them on the spot! good luck loved the story!

  2. Great to know! Thanks for that input. It's so hard to knock them out once there's an infestation.

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    what is the answer of the title? They have been in our house for about 24 days. I counted the days based on the time I found some itching red bumps on my legs. We did fog the house,but still I found some new bites on me and my little daughter. They don't bite my husband and my little son (That's good actually).They make me paranoid,thinking they're following me everywhere I go. I even asked for prayers for that. What should we do? Oh, God..I've been happy enough to live in this house with my husband and kids,I don't wanna to live with those FLEAS!!!!!

  4. Hi Joice! I'm thinking fleas are one of those Godly plagues like in Egypt! :-) I have a hard time imagining a flea being designed as "good," but maybe that's just my limited human mind. And I oh so understand your paranoia. When a cat has a flea, I start imagining the critters all over me.

    When it gets bad around here, we swap from Advantage to Revolution on the animals. We also spray Suspend Insecticide in the house--it kills all little critters like crickets and fleas, but has never made out kitties ill. It's commercial strength stuff and it really lasts.

    Oh how I hope you get rid of this plague, soon!

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  5. Avon.Skin so Soft kills fleas on pets and is safe even for baby animals. It makes their fur oily so you have to bathe them after with a non toxic dish soap but it works like a charm. Its a mineral oil based substance, I think that's what kills them.

  6. I live in the UK and they are the most irritating and cruel parasite carriers ever!!!!
    They torture my cats n dogs and cost a bomb to clean em out... More than their food etc in retail

  7. Hi Jennifer, I found your blog while curiously typing into Google, 'Why did God create fleas?' One of those stupid, immature questions I know, but they are exasperating little creatures. I guess it humbles us because they only seem to disappear after lots of prayer!