Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scrapbooking / Card-Making

I'm a closet scrapbooker. Well, I was before two babies invaded my life. Before Amelia and Emerson were born, I scrapbooked like a madwoman to pre-make all the layouts for both their books--I'll post some pics of the layouts another day. Whatever I made for one baby, I'd make the same layout identical for the other baby, just in different colors. For a solid month, each night after Wyatt retired, my living room floor was covered in colored papers, scissors, my trusty Creative Memories paper cutter, my Cricut machine (an early, early Christmas gift from my hubby), and the tiny little pieces I cut & assembled together to make animals, Pooh bear, flowers, a nativity, and whatever else fit into the layouts. Even then, I suspected I would only (maybe) have time to glue in pictures. Now, alas, I just get to look at others' fabulous ideas and sigh, waiting for that day when I can drag out my Cricut machine again and let the creative juices flow.

So, since I know several of you make cards for friends & family or scrapbook for your own children, I just had to share this website for a Christian stamping company called "Our Daily Bread Designs. This is their store's page--just have a look at the magnificent Bible verse/image stamp sets you can get: . Their Card Gallery shows the stamps in action--these aren't little kid's stamps! They also have a blog with some great pics of how people have used the stamps: . I'm amazed at the awesome workmanship I'm seeing!

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