Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Birds & The Bees

Today, Wyatt got to sit and watch me with my jaw agape as the hygenist showed him how big boys and girls have their teeth "brushed" and oh was he scared. "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?" You'd think the child still only had one word in his vocabulary. All I could do to comfort him was grunt like a cavewoman and hold his little hand, but in the end, the hygenist gave him a free toothbrush, so he was thrilled and will hopefully not be too scared when he starts seeing the dentist, himself. Grandmama and I then took him & the babies to the duck pond so he could feed the ducks. After being terrified again, this time by a pushy, hissing goose instead of a spinning toothbrush, he quickly got back in the van and said, "The duck eat me." So, it came as no surprise that later in the day when a bee started buzzing noisely around him, he looked worried. This week, we've had several conversations about bees eating flowers, to which he always yells, "No, mommy!" and hurriedly tries pick them all for himself--I can tell sharing is going to be an uphill battle at this house. Today, I explained the bee was just making sure he wasn't a flower. He paused for only a second and then said, "Hi bee. I Wyatt." And as if that introduction convinced the bee that Wyatt was, indeed, not a flower, the bee flew off.

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