Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring is Here!!

Ahh, the first signs of spring: 80 degree days, flowers in bloom, a stiff March breeze that constantly rings the wind chimes, bees buzzing, birds chirping....and weenie roasts! My family doesn't like to freeze at bonfires during the winter months--we prefer to sweat during the spring, summer, and fall. After a long, hard week, there's no better way to spend a Friday evening than outside roasting "meat" (yes, the quotations are intentional) over sweltering, ruby-red, glistening embers and an open flame. And cooking marshmallows until they are perfectly liquid on the inside but crunchy brown on the outside can only be described as an art, one that even after 8+ years of marriage, my husband has yet to perfect. In my book, anything is better than having to cook another supper after working all week, and going out on a Friday is not appealing to Doug after a 35-minute drive becomes an hour and a half drive just to get home through traffic. Apparently, Wyatt is going to be a fan of this rite of passage, too--this is the first hot dog he remembers eating, and how better to eat it than eating the dog and then the bun, the messiest way possible. The happy, chili-coated face pictured here says it all. The twins were less than enchanted by the whole production. They have a lot to learn.

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