Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Great Commission

It's just been a rough month. God's been in my business way too much for comfort--tearing down walls, knocking down entire rooms to their foundations and building them up again. My house is getting a major renovation that I never asked for. But, the results are good--exhausting, but good. I didn't know how to express everything I've been feeling, doing, experiencing, so I just started writing thoughts, and they somehow turned into some sort of free-form poem. I'm not a poet. Don't claim to be one. Don't want to be one. But, here a poem is anyway:

An entire wing,
A winding hall of
doors and windows

Firmly Shut.
Never a glimpse inside
at what was
or what could have been.

An entire history
left behind,
intentionally abandoned—
sealed for 15 years
But not

tightly enough
long enough
blotted out enough

for me to not hear
the call of God,
Him turning the knobs,
Breaking the seals,
Pushing up the clasps

Open, Open!
Go inside.

An opening of a tomb,
a glimpse in Pandora’s Box,
a stronghold crumbling—
All flooding in to
who I am now.

Names forgotten,
faces lost,
scars unearthed—
old injustices wash over anew.

I am not her.
They are not them.
Fear not.

New images replacing the old,
new stories overwriting their histories—
a burden,
a heart opening to the souls within

So many lost
So many needy
So many searching
So many without hope

Now an ardent desire to seek,
to open
to find.

I will plant the seed
for others to water.


  1. I love this analogy of a house, Jennifer. C.S. Lewis uses the same analogy in "Mere Christianity" when he describes the way God completely rebuilds and reforms us, into more than we could have imagined. We may have only wanted to be a modest little cottage, but God has plans for us to be a palace, in which he can live...

    Beautiful poem. Keep writing :) We're certainly enjoying reading...


  2. Our pastor constantly references that book, but I've never read it; it you have a copy, I want to borrow it. Yeah--I only wanted a cute, modest little cottage--who knows what kind of house it will turn out to be!