Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three's A Crowd

Scene One: I'm walking into church tonight with my purse and the diaper bag flung over my left shoulder, Amelia's carseat weighing down my left arm, Emerson's carseat in my right hand, and Wyatt hanging on to Emerson. If I hired some deep-voiced man to narrate my life, he would have said something like, "It was the triple threat--rain, moving cars, and the thought that she might at any second drop some of the 50 pounds she was carrying if her toddler didn't stop pulling down so hard on the carseat!"

As I get into the building, Alana (age 3 maybe?) meets us at the door as she screams, "Wyatt's here!" Then, she looks at me, struggling to get everyone inside, and says, "What's that?" I reply, "Babies." "Why?" I'm glistening by now (yes, Southern girls "glisten", not "sweat")--it's an hour-long marathon to get everyone ready to go to church, driven to church, and carted into church, so the best I could come up with was, "Because I couldn't leave them at home." Not good enough: "Why?" "Does your mama leave you at home alone?" "Noooooooo."

So, I start to lug the kids to the back, and she reaches over and plants a kiss on Wyatt. I was surprised, but I thought it was precious. He and Alana have been pals since they were the only two in the nursery together. She's maybe 6 months older than him, so she has spent most of the last year thinking of him as a baby, but since his verbal skills have started taking off, they're playing together more as equals. Then, when I was driving home, I realized, Wyatt got his first kiss from a G-I-R-L tonight! How am I supposed to feel about that? Am I supposed to go, "No!!! Not my baby! Tell mommy you love her, Wyatt. Give mommy a kiss." Or am I supposed to start having thoughts of, "Well, she comes from a Christian family, so if they ended up married, that would be fine." I choose neither--it was just sweet. And I do pray he finds a good Christian girl to marry.....when he's much, much older.

Scene 2: This is NOT a flattering picture of me at all, but it gives you a good picture of my real life, not the life of those relaxed-looking people in the pretty Easter picture from yesterday. It's evening--my hair is frazzled from glistening and working outside in the wind during the afternoon, there's a cloth diaper on my shoulder because I just fed babies, and I probably smell like spit up, too. Wyatt has lost his pants after one too many trips to the potty. The babies have had enough playing by themselves, so I have to hold both of them while I read Wyatt a book because what else are you supposed to do when you're stuck inside but READ? In the upper left corner sits Kira (cat)--she's waiting for them all to go to bed so she can come to get a little lap cuddle time from me. To my left, you can see my ever-present "To Do" list. And to the left of that is my laptop, which is open because I squeeze in some work from my paying job throughout the day. That picture makes me tired just looking at it.

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