Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Wyatt has been banned from sweets for about a month because he started driving me & everyone else crazy with requests for them. "Want tookie." "Want cake." "Oma have cake." So, no sweets for him. Today, though, is Opa's birthday & tomorrow is Grand-daddy's birthday, so my kitchen was abuzz with the sound of the mixer, food processor, and timers going off for several hours this morning. Wyatt was (thankfully) unaware of this because Grandmama had him outside playing, but when he came inside & realized what fun was to be had indoors today, his eyes lit up and he emitted covetous phrases like "Oooh, cake" and "That Opa's cake. I want cake," all while his little fingers froze in the air mere millimeters from the cakes' surfaces. I decided he could have the icing beater. The smug look on his little face in the first picture pretty much says it all, "Mommy finally caved in and gave me what I want."

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