Thursday, June 4, 2009


I'm so very ready for the weekend, for my hubby to be home to share in the joy that is a household with a sick child. It's truly been a miserable week with Emerson sick. After a 103 temp on Monday and a 104 temp on Tuesday, I spent Wednesday at a 3-hour doctor visit where I suffered (yes, I said that right) through holding a screaming baby through blood work only to conclude that it was "probably a virus, maybe roseola." And lo and behold, today, his fever has been lower and a red rash has been creeping across his skin, so, at least the diagnosis was correct. Now, I just hope Amelia and Wyatt don't get it.

This is one of the times when having one baby would be far more preferable than twins. Poor little Amelia knows she has been slighted as I have tried to comfort a feverish Emerson. Unlike Wyatt who pushes against my bosoms as if to flatten them because they're in his way, Emerson likes to snuggle against me to sleep. And Amelia? She wasn't going to give up mommy time without a loud, very vocal tantrum. The result? The week has been spent with someone crying or fussing at me almost every waking minute.

When does mommy get a turn to cry?

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  1. NOT FUN! So sorry to hear that. I pray that Roseola stays away from the other two.

    And that you have a calm, peaceful weekend.