Friday, May 8, 2009

"Mama"ssage My Feet

For my birthday, my in-laws gave this three-time mama a gift certificate for her first professional hour-long massage. That was in January. A week ago, I made my appointment, but despite all my planning, my Friday was a regular circus act, and I thought I'd have to cancel. Yes, my circus is unique and I'm not at all sure if people would pay to watch this, but at least it's not boring:
  • Jumping 25 times through the baby gate to the nursery without waking up Emerson & Wyatt--Even bleary-eyed and under the effects of a sleeping pill (I stupidly thought I would get some sleep--duh!), I performed this feat ever so gracefully all Thursday night when Amelia's ear infection kept her from sleeping more than 15 minutes at a time.
  • Seeing with my X-Ray vision--I caught a cheating student and then had to schedule her a proctored re-take. Yes, I can tell one student's writing from another's--it's a gift and a curse.
  • Juggling--I juggled being on the phone with the doctor (again) because Amelia woke up with a pink penicillin rash; finalizing three courses' grades that were due by 5 pm; and troubleshooting for a student testing at the 11th hour when the online testing interface malfunctioned...all while "helping" my parents take care of the kids. And I didn't drop anything. Wow.
  • Using my ESP--I must admit that this act still needs work. UPS Freight had me stay home from 12- 5 Thursday waiting for them to deliver the washer. My hubby called at 4:30 only to discover it didn't make it on the truck (hmmm--they knew this yet didn't bother to tell us?). They then promise to deliver it today, but when it didn't come from 12-2, I blew them off to go have my massage, and guess what? They didn't come today either! So, I guess my ESP works 50% of the time.
After all my circus acts, I did get my massage. When I asked the masseuse if I were holding in a lot of stress, she said no. Know why? Prayer helps! I confess that I'm not good about sitting daily in my quiet prayer closet, but I am consistent about sending sentence prayers heavenward throughout the day (and night). After this week, to not be retaining much stress means prayer is obviously a stress reliever.

The most interesting thing was that the masseuse said I had the most tension in my feet. This is SUCH a God thing! One of the first things my hubby says he fell in love with was my feet. As such, after we married, he started a tradition of rubbing my feet most nights. Do you see? My heavenly Father knew that I would hold my tension in my feet, so He sent me a spouse who would want to lovingly rub those feet. Isn't that just the neatest?

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