Thursday, May 14, 2009

It All Comes Back to Jesus

One thing I hope you can gain from reading this blog is the knowledge that everything (and I mean everything) in our lives can direct us back to God and Jesus. Although I fail miserably several times a day, I try to view my life as though I'm wearing glasses tinted by His holy scriptures so that I can then see more clearly what God is trying to teach me. And the more I study the Bible, the more God causes specific snippets of verses to spring to my mind throughout the day as I try to deal with life, to survive another day.

Please know that I seriously do NOT have it all together, no matter what it sounds like. I have some sort of meltdown at least once a week. Like most "real" women, I break down and cry, yell, sulk, grumble, and feel depressed. You just get windows into my day. If you got the whole video tape, you'd have no problem believing me.

Case in point: yesterday, our second baby swing "died". That's a huge problem because Amelia is a problem-napper, and I've only managed to get her to nap more than 15 minutes at a time by using the swing. No swing means she needs to learn to nap in her crib because I'm not buying another one for a 6 1/2 month old.

As expected, she disagreed with me and then proceeded to cry for 1 1/2 hours of her 2 hour afternoon nap!!! The result? Cranky Baby #1 woke up Cranky Baby #2 from his nap half an hour early. Look at the angst in their faces, and all because they wouldn't/couldn't sleep. It wasn't funny then but it sure is now.

And as I was looking at the pictures, it occurred to me that since the twins have increased my workload ten-fold since their birth last October, I act just like them. I may not cry and crinkle up my face with tears, but I'm too often irritable, grouchy, not at all nice to my husband, and short-tempered when my children are disobedient. Yes, God used pictures to convict me of my own need for an attitude adjustment, of my need to express love and patience more with those I love.

While I don't always "get it" when life is happening, when God speaks in the silence of the evening, I am able to reflect, learn, and hopefully apply that knowledge to become a better Christian, mom, and wife. Only at day's end am I able to put everything in perspective, and with the chaos in my house, I need perspective if I want to keep it all together.

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