Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Godly Response in All I Do

It's been a really hard day where I've had to just "sigh" repeatedly, cry a little, and pray a lot. Why? Because God requires me to glorify Him in everything I do and say, and honestly, that's oh so H-A-R-D many times a day.

Amelia and Emerson had their 6 month appointments today. Emerson is now 19 lbs 7.5 oz and Amelia is 15 lbs 10 oz. We saw OUR pediatrician; he apologized for the other doctor's actions, noticed Amelia's new tooth (it fully popped through the gum this morning), said she's getting a second one, and also said she has an ear infection probably due to the swelling. And as if she understood him, she now has a full-fledged fever to go along with that diagnosis.

And the day just went downhill after that. I've had to guard my tongue when what the human part of me wanted to do was just yell at someone. An hour waiting in Wal-mart for Amelia's prescription saw me leaving with only one medication. I was irritated but was able to be kind to the woman working the register. (Poor hubby then spent an hour trying to pick up the other meds and still only got one because he paid cash for it--they were planning to "wait list" it for TWO DAYS while insurance determined whether it would cover it or not--Hello! Sick child!? Needs meds now!!)

Later, UPS Freight called to schedule delivery of my new, big washer (yippee!). But then, the woman said they wouldn't take it down my driveway because it was gravel. Huh? So now I need to pour a concrete driveway by Thursday, too? Otherwise, you'll leave it at the curb? Do you realize I live in the country, not a city or subdivision, and everybody out here has gravel driveways...and I paid for delivery to my house, not to my mailbox? What? No, I don't own a truck. I have 6 month old twins and a minivan! At this point, I was about to bite my tongue off, so I did the only thing I knew to do--I gave her Doug's cell number. My knight in shining armor rides again.

I thought that was it. Then, I start getting emails and phone calls letting me know that Tommy and Eric have been disbarred. What response do people expect from me--jubilation? A "Yay, Justice-Has-Been-Served Party"? Absolutely Not! It doesn't matter if they treated Doug wrongly. I'm not saying God isn't punishing them for hurting one of His children. But I'm not celebrating. Someone else's judgment isn't funny. It's a reminder that we need to repent while we have the chance. We all deserve God's judgment. I am intensely sad as I think about the impact this will have on their wives and children. I should know how devastating disbarment is to a family, and I wish that on no one, not even my worst enemy.

Day is done, right? Wrong. Almost 8:30 pm, and a process server comes by to serve Doug with papers from Mississippi. Now, he is going to have to fight for his law license in that state as well. I break down and cry at this point. What does God want from me? From us? What am I not giving Him that He wants from me? I know I'm in the center of where He wants me to be. I feel that intensely in my soul. I may have good days and bad days like most people, but I'm sold out to Jesus, and He makes me complete. So, what's up with this? Must we be like Job and have everything taken away? Oh Father, please have mercy.


  1. UG! What a day!

    I read about your husband's story in one of your post the first day I visited. I cannot imagine.

    I hope you know that your posts, your attitude and honesty throughout these processes in your life, are great testimonies of what Christ is doing in you.

    They encourage me in my own life. I appreciate your willingness to share your stories.

    I visited the other day and my comment didn't go through. I'm adding you to my blogroll. M sister, Ginger, has already beat me to it.

    If you will...stop by her site heresmycuplord.com. Her blogoversary is this Saturday and she is doing a giveaway. Would you consider grabbing her blogoversary button for a post with a link to her site? You could win some cool prizes....

    Meanwhile, I'm off to add you. Can't believe she beat me! TURKEY! Kidding...

    And keep your chin up! HE is the lifter of your head! So glad I found you. Maybe one day we can plan to meet for lunch.

    Much love,
    Rena Gunther

  2. Hey, Rena and I also wanted to invite you to a special Wedding Web-Shower on behalf of Jenifriend of Enjoyer of the Journey. Paste the following link in your browser to view the details and join us on the 14th of each month.
    Thank you and be blessed.
    Rena and Ginger