Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a Small World

I have recently been reminded that although the world may be vast, it's also quite small. A couple weeks ago, two sister Christian bloggers found me, and they're from my area, so that's quite special. Both have been an inspiration for me (and a help as I'm trying to learn the ropes of blogging). Ginger of "Here's My Cup Lord" is celebrating her one year blogaversary. Click on her button at the bottom of this post to read her inspiring Bible commentary and try some of her yummy recipes! You'll be blessed...and a few pounds heavier if you try them all. I've also started a Blogroll (yes--I've learned a new word!) to the right of my page of other Christian sites I find inspiring.

The second thing I have been reminded of today is that my problems are small in comparison with others' problems. To prove this, my sister by marriage sent me a great laugh in the form of another mother's potty story entitled "Embarrassing Mommy Moment." It makes my experiences with Wyatt seem small in comparison. Wyatt's newest potty quirk is peeing on ant nests (an awful new habit I'm trying to break).


  1. Jennifer, I overlooked this...thank you so much for posting for Ginger.

    YOU are a blessing!

    Much love,

  2. Guess what? You won the book Become a Better You! Just send your info. and I will mail it to you asap.

    Congrats and thanks again!