Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lap Time

Amelia crawls up and sits in the center of my lap. I belong to her. Emerson grabs hold of my PJ's and puts one leg over mine, pushing Amelia with his foot and fussing at her for taking his space.

Then Wyatt comes in: "Can I sit in your lap, mommy?"

What else can a mother say but "yes" and "Daddy, get the camera"?

No makeup. No hair fixed. PJ top and bottoms don't even match because I can't find where one of the children took the pink pants.

But this is what real, everyday life looks like around here--three children meeting with mommy on the kitchen floor.

This lap has enough love for all.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    What a precious photograph that was! And many more snapshots taken by your heart, I am sure...

    Your twins and first born are fast will be so amazed, twelve months go by so quickly... and so do twelve years!

    Treasure each moment. I love the smile on all your faces!


  2. Now that picture is a keeper! Those are the times you will remember, long after the house has quieted into an empty nest. You won't remember the peanut butter hand prints on the walls, or the floor completely trashed with toys and junk. I love it...

  3. So sweet. Thanks for stopping by. I am getting over allergy/cold symptoms right now. How is your grandmother? Will you email me all her details so I can add her to the list.

  4. As my best friend said, with a lap this full, it's hard to believe that almost three years ago, it was empty and almost four years ago, we didn't know if it'd ever be filled with children. God is good.