Saturday, October 3, 2009

Christmas in October?

Half of my yesterday was spent checking off a mental To Do list, which included waiting with dozens of other impatient youngsters to get the twins' second dose of the flu shot. Not on that list (but of equal importance, as I learned) was changing umpteen poopy diapers without my container of wet wipes, which had vanished from the diaper bag! At one point, I told a newly-outfitted Emerson if he had another accident like that, he'd be wearing pink for the rest of the day. Apparently, that threat worked.

But amidst the normal chaos of taking three small children anywhere, we took a short detour to the mall for food and a little playground time.

And there they were! Christmas trees! Right by the elevator in Dillards, a whole row of fully-decorated-been-there-for-at-least-a-few-days TREES!

Wyatt saw them first. Twinkling lights, tree-top winged-angels, furry snowmen, brightly-colored balls, and shiny silver stars that shimmered with every bounce as Wyatt dragged me closer to the trees.

I had to laugh at his exuberance because I know where it comes from. Me.

I LOVE Christmas. It is my absolute favorite holiday. The smells, the lights, the music, the decorations, the once-a-year spirit of communal joy I feel electrifying the crisp fall and winter air.

When people complain about Christmas being so commercialized or taking over the stores earlier and earlier each year, I just have to bite my tongue.

Secretly, I don't mind the Christmas trees sitting next to the fall pumpkins and turkeys. Secretly, I love another reminder of Christ's sacrifice when He left His throne in heaven to become a small baby here on earth. From the trees to the music, it all points me to Jesus.

When a student called me this spring, in the middle of the conversation, he suddenly stopped: " that Christmas music in the background?" Yes. You mean it's not playing in your house, too? And just this past week, one of my new bloggy friends Deb at Heavenly Humor laughingly asked, "Wow, you're playing Christmas music already?"

Drop unexpectedly by my house any time of the year, and you'll likely find me singing with my soul to the sounds of "O Holy Night" or another familiar (and not so familiar) favorite. We don't limit our playing Christmas music to one month of the year just like we don't limit our worship of God to Sundays only.

The YouTube video here is of Todd Agnew's "God With Us," the Christmas story told from the Magi's point of view. Turn up the volume, close your eyes, and really listen to the words. It's amazing.

God is with Us. Not just at Christmas-time, but 365 days a year.

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  1. Aw, thank you! You have such a beautiful way with words. I wasn't even thinking about Christmas yet, but now I feel that sweet spirit of the season rising up. And oh yes, 'God is with us.' That's the best part!