Thursday, October 29, 2009

Calgon, Take Me Away !!

Today was one of those days where I wished God had granted me the ability to split myself into two separate mommies. Not forever, but just for a few moments each day, having my own clone would come in handy.

My mom always comes along to help me out with the 3 children on doctor-visit days. But somehow, the twins' one-year-checkup didn't make it on her calendar, so I flew solo this morning.

The stress headache started the moment I hit the interstate and found 9:30 am traffic at a total standstill. As usual when the wheels stop turning, Amelia loudly let her displeasure be known.

75 minutes after we left home (for a 40 minute trip), we wheeled into the parking lot...late. And then the fun really began.

Back in the room, I undressed two squirmy munchkins so the nurse could weigh and measure them. No surprises there--all three of my children are going to be taller than their 5'3" mommy. Emerson is continuing to measure in the 90th percentile for height, and even Amelia is measuring in the 74th percentile for height.

As the twins impatiently waited on the paper-clad examination table for the doctor, Wyatt discovered they had a window view of a train track. So he, too, joined them on the table for a paper-shredding good time.

Then, "I need to pee pee, mommy."

Oh no. Not now. "Can you wait a few minutes?"

"I need to pee pee."

I took that as a "no."

What could I do? The twins were merely clad in diapers. And I could just envision the stares of the other mothers with their cute, single babies dressed to the nines for a simple doctor visit. So, I did the only thing I knew how--I strapped two naked babies back in their stroller, told the nurse my predicament, and marched Wyatt down the hall to the potty while the babies sat alone in the exam room.

Minutes later when it was time for the shots, I comforted one baby in my left arm while holding still the other baby's flailing hands with my right arm. By this time, my headache was full-blown and I fussed a bit at Wyatt's incessant mouth and at the twins' squirminess as I tried to redress them.

It seemed longer than an hour and a half when I dropped into the lobby chair to wait the required 15 minutes after the shots. Then Wyatt upped the ante once again: "My hiney hurts."

My lips tightened into a line and my brow furrowed in irritation. Why couldn't he have done all his business 20 minutes ago!? I'm still not sure how a double stroller fit in that one-person bathroom, but it did.

By the time everybody was loaded back into the safety of the car seats, my head was throbbing. My neck hurt. I wanted to go home. But I went, instead, to the mall to meet my parents for lunch....and to let the children run off some steam at the playground.

And what a joy it was. Really. Truly. Joyful.
Listening to Amelia and Emerson squeal with delight as they crawled through the tunnels; listening to Wyatt bark like a dog as he jumped off the top of the alligator--my headache just disappeared. Yes, I was still exhausted. But I was able to enjoy my children playing together.
And I got to watch as Emerson took his first two steps and as Amelia started to really walk. She took 18 steps to her Grandmama and has been doing the Frankenstein walk the rest of the day.Happy giggles and laughter--the best medicine for this mommy.


  1. Again, what a feat! I couldn't have done it. I think you needed that lunch break at the mall...just so you could regain a bit of the sanity you lost!

    Congrats on the first baby steps! That's an accomplishent!


  2. To the mom's who overcome...great is their reward in Heaven, at least that's my theory. My youngest son took his first steps on his own at a play place at the mall just like that, AND I was eating lunch with my parents at the time as well, isn't that funny? That brings back memories (my youngest is 7 now). Love your blog!

  3. What a precious ending to your stressed out doctor's visit! And your parents were able to watch those first steps with you.

    Maybe I'll be able to give you a hand at one of those doctor's visits. I cannot imagine how frustrating. Sophie gets the best of me at times. All by herself.

  4. Motherhood is a series of yo-yo-ing ups and downs -- all within minutes, huh? Glad to see you made it with your sense of humor intact.

    You're a joy to know.

  5. Yes, Jennifer--mommyhood is like a yo-yo with the kids pulling the string all day!

    Angie--I think the cushioned floors at those playgrounds make them feel safer about falling down. Amelia just loved it!

    Rena & Kim--thanks for the offer to help out. The visits will get easier each time, but right now, I can't let them down or they'll go searching for any crumb to eat on the floor!