Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Must Be Crazy

I'm waiting on the last load of laundry to finish washing so I can put it in the dryer and call it a looooong day in what seems to be a never-ending season of long days.

Tomorrow is the big day when Doug and I + Grandmama and Granddaddy + the 2 1/2-year old + the twins board an airplane for Buffalo to test the patience of a whole lot of people. Then, I will kiss my spouse goodbye as he goes on a glorious bachelor vacation in Toronto for four days while leaving me to drive a van full of malcontents to Michigan to visit my dad's brother, sister, and mother. (Doug is actually going to take a 8-5 class, but it sounds pretty cushy to come home to a quiet room, no chores, no diapers, no crying, so he might as well be going on a spa retreat).

As I explained in an earlier post, I'm perfectly sure that this trip was God-planned because of how it came about. I've had a feeling since a couple months after the twins were born that I need to take them to visit Grandma NOW but no real desire to listen to that still, small voice until Doug's sudden training popped into our life.

But knowing something is right and doing it are two different things.

I'm not this daring, folks. I've never been brave enough to take a 2-hour car drive with all the kids, much less a 7-hour one that involves two border crossings. For the past week, I've been packing a little each day and dreading the impending travel one horrendous crying jag at a time. I think Doug's tired of me crying at this point. And Wyatt just ignores me.

So, I'm asking you to pray.

Pray for no flight delays or cancellations.
Pray for no traffic jams or accidents.
Pray for no long lines at the border.
Pray for miraculously content children.
Pray for me to be alert and at peace.

We'll be up at 4:30 tomorrow starting the journey. I covet your bringing us before the Father's throne.


  1. Doesn't sound like you're crazy. Sounds like you're reasonable - what a wonderful trip you will have! And how convenient, as well. Enjoy!

  2. Done.

    Now take a deep breath and enjoy yourself.

  3. Done and AMEN!

    Jennifer, I feel such joy for you having this opportunity. Not sure if you'll get this before you leave, while you're gone or when you come back. But I want you to know that our newfound friendship is precious to me. Just as He ordered this trip for your family, I know that He ordered our friendship.

    I pray, through tears, that He do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think! Peace, calm, health, good weather, great grace and amazing favor! FAVOR beyond anything you could imagine.

    Rest in Him, my friend! You do NOT have to be guarded because of your precious children and their unexpected tendencies that go with the territory. Even so, I am believing for answered prayer, calm, happy babies and an amazing God-ordained trip!

    Many blessings and much love!

  4. I will be praying for everything you asked. It is a God given opportunity, and as you obey I know God will actually pour into your circumstances all the supernatural help that you need to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience.

    I'm looking forward to a time of refreshing for you, dear Jennifer!

    May you really feel God's presence with you every step of the way.


  5. Have a blessed trip! God's eyes are on your little angels (I have a Wyatt too!).

    When you get back you'll need a good laugh...

    Feel free to check out my blog at:

    Even God likes to laugh!

  6. We're home! I truly appreciate everyone's prayers. Without them, heaven only knows where we'd be!

  7. I'll pray for the needed grace for whatever does happen!

  8. No doubt He carried you through your recent trip and continues to uphold your blessed family. Thank you so much for stopping by and extending your prayers through your busy hands.