Thursday, August 20, 2009

Defining "Gross"

Somehow, from age 2 to age 32, the definition of "gross" changes. And since we all could use a good bit of humor to help us survive another day before the weekend, I present to you Wyatt's definition of "gross" (with examples, of course):

It is not gross to eat food that's fallen to the ground...even if it's been on the ground for several hours...and is currently being eaten by ants who have had their little pinchers who knows where!

During our morning watering-of-the-plants routine, Wyatt spilled a few Cheerios on the back carport. A few hours later, the line of ants going to and from each of the Cheerios reminded me of the lines at Wal-Mart during the after Thanksgiving Day sales.

Did that deter Wyatt? No. He crouched down, BLEW what must have seemed like a hurricane-force gust of wind onto the unsuspecting ants. And surprisingly, the ants scattered long enough for Wyatt to pick up the Cheerio, inspect it to ensure there were no remaining ants to swallow, and pop it in his mouth. Not gross to a 2-year-old.

But it is gross when your baby brother has a big poop in the tub...even if you're a couple feet away from said tub. You should have heard him gagging in there, like he's been potty trained forever versus just a few months!

My first thought was, "Oh great. Now I have to disinfect the tub before my bath tonight." Not Wyatt. Between gags, he's shouting, "Save the penguins!" And so we did.


  1. Love it. Save the penguins. This could be his lifelong battle cry.

    The more I read about Wyatt, the more I find myself liking this kid...

  2. I'm glad that the penguins are going to make it!!

  3. God truly made him one of a kind.