Sunday, July 19, 2009

Prayer Requests

If I were a well-seasoned blogger, I'd have many articles in my arsenal that I could recycle now that I'm in finals week at school. But, although it's hard to believe, I'm only about 6 months into this journey, so no recycling.

Instead of uplifting, encouraging, funny stories for you from my life, today, I'm asking for prayers from you.

1. Pray for my husband's eye. Doesn't he look just awful? Last Monday, he scratched his cornea, it became infected, and now he has an ulcerated cornea. "Mommy! Look! It's a Pirate!" is what the little girl in Wal-mart said (as her mom probably wanted to sink into the tile floor--and concrete, too). Pray for the eye infection to go away and for the severe pain to abate.

2. Pray for my sister-in-law, Liza. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week, she'll be taking the Louisiana Bar Exam. As a future children's advocate, she will be a wonderful Christian asset to the legal field. Pray for her to have calmed nerves, a clear mind, and recall of the information she's diligently studied.

3. Pray for me as I finish out the semester. Four of my courses' final grades are due on Friday. Pray that I have the energy and a clear head that I need to grade papers while keeping my house, husband, and children well-loved and in fairly decent order.

It may seem cliche, but I truly covet your prayers more than anything. If you have a request, send it on, and I'll be happy to pray for you as well. I've learned a good lesson from Lyla over at "A Different Story." I no longer tell people "I'm praying". I say nothing until I can say "I prayed." Changing just one verb tense has made such a difference in my prayer life. The "have pray-ed" keeps me accountable and not merely well-meaning.


  1. Funny, but I was thinking of Lyla's post on prayer as I read through your requests. That being said, I can now write these words:

    I prayed.

  2. Update on the prayer requests - They're working! I survived the first day of testing today with clam nerves and good recall of everything I was afraid of forgetting :) Thank you for your sweet prayers (and for spreading the word!). Liza

  3. I ran this through the Pirate translator for Doug's sake.

    Arrr, me prayed. Aye, me parrot concurs.

    Really, I have. But for the English professor's sake, in regular English.

    God bless all of you today.

  4. You have me laughing, Lyla! Thanks to you and Jennifer for your prayers. Doug says the pain is less this evening; we're praying that means the eye is taking a turn for the better.

  5. Oh what a great point you make!

    I prayed!