Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's in the Details

Since I have the heart of a perfectionist, I notice the little things. And it's those little things (rather than the ginormous whoppers) that have caused this mommy more meltdowns with her children and spouse than she would like to admit.

When God gave me twins + a 2 1/2 year old + a stay-at-home job, he knew I'd have to give up a lot of control, to be more flexible than a gymnast, to rely on Him more completely, and to learn which details were really important.

I'm a work in progress.

It's not important

That Emerson went to the store today without socks and shoes.
That Wyatt's hair has not been brushed in two days.
That the laundry is never completely put up.
That the toys are never 100% in their proper bins and baskets.
That I'm 8 months behind on putting pictures in the albums.
That the plants haven't been fertilized in three weeks.

What does matter is

Amelia's smile when I lift her from the crib each morning.
The piercing sapphire of Emerson's beautiful eyes.
Wyatt's impromptu hugs and "I love you, mommy."
A kiss on the head from my husband at the end of each day.
An answered prayer for rain, showing my heavenly Father's love.

Yes, the details matter. It's all about determining which ones.

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