Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Beautiful Mind

Alert all the archaeologists! Treasure seekers, start packing! Cartophiles, start admiring the unique find pictured here!

Remember last week's posting about Wyatt wanting to spend every second naked? I predicted then that he'd "find" the Garden of Eden in some part of my yard and then leave me a glorious trail of clothing to follow.

I was wrong again.

That's not how his cunning little mind chose to manipulate mommy's rule that you can't be naked anywhere except your room, the bathroom, or the Garden of Eden.

Saturday morning, Doug and I were entertaining the twins when Wyatt found an ink pen. I hide pens so well that I can't even find one when I need it. But, somehow, Wyatt found one and demanded paper.

He then sat on the floor, intently scribbled on the paper, then handed it to me.

"Look mommy."

"Oh, that's very nice. What is it?"

"A map."

I paused. That wasn't the answer I expected. Dog. Cat. Chicken. Somebody he knows. But not "map."

And then it clicked. The little rascal had drawn a map to the Garden of Eden. I did say the Garden was lost and that there was no map to it.

At this point, Wyatt was grinning and Doug was laughing--truth in this household is much stranger than fiction!

I think I'm going to be one step behind this child for the rest of my life! His brain just works in ways I can't even predict.

So, there you have it. If you can interpret the scribble map, you're a better map-reader than I am.

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