Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Starting Out

Another blog by somebody who is a nobody as far as the world is concerned. My heavenly Father knows my name, and that’s enough for me. Besides, the last few years have cured me of any minuscule part that ever might have desired an amount of fame. So, why do I bother? Do I have that much time on my hands? No. But I have so many family and friends who are dots on a very big world map, and every day that passes, it seems like I know less and less about them & they know less and less about me. Even though technology has made communication easier over time, it’s just become too easy to let our busy lives pass us by and not share our lives with those we love. I want to be more than just a dot to you, my friends & family, and the only way I know of to keep up with you all is for me to start a dialogue. So, this blog is my attempt at dialogue. Wales, North Carolina, Californa, Texas, Michigan, Mississippi, Slidell—I love you all.

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