Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Muffin Too Heavy

The twins slept all night last night until 7:20 this morning!! Yay!!! A symbol of hope and sleepy nights coming soon. But I couldn't enjoy this sleepy night because I was up all night checking on Wyatt's fever--what kind of irony is that? I wait 4 months for the "big night of sleep" and when it comes, I don't sleep!!! God's gotta be laughing at me. I knew it was going to be a trying day when the first thing Wyatt said to me this morning when I told him to bring his muffin to the living room to watch Clifford was, "Muffin too heavy, mommy." And so began a day of 3 crying children--I'd almost believe the twins knew Wyatt needed more attention today and decided they weren't going to let him have it! Wyatt only has 101 fever and no real symptoms other than not as much energy, a longer nap, not wanting to eat much, and a slight runny nose. No doctor will give me anything for that, so why bother? By the afternoon, he wanted to go outside, so we went...only to have a 2-year-old FIT because the wind was blowing his hair around--"Hair mess up, Mommy!!!" So, I explained that was ok because the wind was blowing my hair, too, but that didn't 'fix the problem. Instead, every time the wind would kick up, Wyatt would run to the other side of the carport, I guess to outrun the wind and keep it from messing up his hair, and he kept repeatedly telling me to "do something." Yeah--now my child thinks I'm God and can control the wind. Do something!

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  1. Haha, poor baby. Blow him a kiss (from a distance) for me :)