Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Whales & Daddy Tales

As promised, here's pics of the finished whale--layer of black spraypaint, and then I used a sponge to give it a mottled blue-gray look. No, it's not a black killer whale; everything I read said critics thought the big fish in the Bible could've been either a sperm whale or a great white shark. Sperm whale it is. In my research, I also learned some very interesting facts about sperm whales that give new insight into why the ocean is salty. Sadly, I can share none of these tantalizing insights with the little girls at the tea or their mothers will be dragging them away from our table and looking at me like I've lost my mind. Isn't the water spout just awesome? And I couldn't just give it a mouth--looked too sad, so I curved it up for a smile. I'm sure the whale was happy to have eaten Jonah.
This has nothing to do with a whale--do you know what this is a picture of? This is male bonding, AKA doing something mommy wouldn't approve of. I'm inside getting the babies to sleep and working on next week's devotional. I go to the back door to peek out at Doug and Wyatt who are supposed to be playing outside. What do I find? Doug sitting in the swing feeding Nerds to him! Sneaking candy while mommy is busy!!! Argh!! When I was on bed rest and Wyatt spent Saturdays with daddy, he learned: 1. McDonalds is a place to get chicken nuggets, french fries, apples, and milk (he didn't know the place existed before); 2. Grocery stores have buggies with cars under the bottom; 3. Walmart has macaroni and cheese & shrimp poppers in the deli...and you can eat them on your way home; and 4. If you flirt with the cashier while in daddy's care, she'll give you a Spiderman ring, a sucker, or a balloon. Oh the things I have to unteach my son....

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