Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seamless Transitions

I always thought one's brain would expand, create new synapses when called upon to increase its activity. Now I read that multitasking is not the most efficient use of time. Apparently, there is only so much one's brain can properly focus on at one time before things start to slip and get buried in its creases.

But as most of us understand, multitasking is a required way of life. Were I to list all the hats I have worn since February 20 when we started construction of our house, you'd be yawning and wouldn't finish this post.

I've tried to counter the chaos by making lists (and more lists) as well as nailing up a calendar on the bathroom wall next to the light switch so I must "see" it each morning. Still, I miss events penned clearly in dark blue marker.

The letters in one square speak of my monthly act of service at the local nursing home. One hour a month when I imperfectly hammer out a few hymns on a very out of tune piano, listen to our pastor give a devotional, and help my children interact with the residents to show them Jesus' love.

But for the month of May, I didn't attend. The bad part is, it wasn't like I had anything else planned that interfered...or that I didn't wake up in time. I just flat out forgot what I had reminded myself of just the day before.

That was three weeks ago, and my non-attendance has burdened my heart and mind ever since. It's uncanny--something I couldn't remember, now I can't forget.

One month, visiting the nursing home was a duty. The next, it's a desire of my heart, and I am left with an ache of sadness for the blessings I missed.

I'm not sure when the transition happened.

The heart is a funny thing...causing me to pause as it continually makes leaps without giving me notice.


  1. You have a beautiful blog! I love that last line of yours.

    I'll be back!

  2. You will feel better when you go back. Make it soon! As for the multitasking - I don't see any other way I could survive. I keep an agenda with me at all times (it use to be only at work). I have the "see at a glance" month and I found it really helps having the daily per hour one as well (keep them together). Still I do lists...and pencil in appointments. I have just finished re-scheduling orthodontist & dentists - after big girl got invited out of town. I have not made the transition to electronic one...yet.

  3. Perhaps multi-tasking is to blame for the limited space I have upstairs. I have to have lists. And more lists. And notes. It's so frustrating but I just cannot remember it all.

    Just last night Courtney took a ride with me to Walmart so that I could get Advil to help wean her from her meds post-oral surgery. She sat in the car with her chipmunk jaws stopping me just before I ran in to remind me of one all important female item she needed. I only had three things on my list. But I was on my cell with my sister-in-law and did not stop to write that one item down.

    Alas, I entered the car and produced one of the items that was an extra for Courtney. She was certainly pleased but looked at me puzzled. Uggg. . .I forgot. I did NOT write it down.

    A small thing. But there are many more like your missed opportunity that have haunted me. Some things clearly must go so that I can focus on those that are more important.

    Too much multi-tasking makes one weary.