Thursday, March 4, 2010

From Destruction to Construction

I rummage through the tool chest, searching for a Phillips head screwdriver, a hex wrench, and an adjustable wrench. Somehow, that's way too many tools--and yet not enough--to dismember a fixture in my house for the past three and a half years.

Taking down the baby cribs has been on my "to do" list for quite some time, one of those things I have wanted to do...but not really. Yet, the carpal tunnel in my wrists has been inflamed the past few weeks, partly because of the repetitive dead lifting of 28 1/2 pounds each time little hands raise and I hear "up."

So, armed with my father's help and husband's tools, I separate Bolt A from Slot B and stack the pieces outside against the wall.

My family and I still call them "the babies;" yet they're anything but. Their growing bodies, increasing vocabulary, and blossoming skills show my twins to be very much toddlers, little people.

This afternoon, when I placed Amelia and Emerson in their "new" toddler beds, they looked so big, so grown up. Although I expected chaos to reign during nap time, after one false start with Emerson, nap time perfectly and silently fulfilled its definition.

It's an understatement to say I hate change. So, I'm always fearful when I make changes around here, expecting my DNA in them to result in the same characteristics.

But Amelia proved me totally wrong again. After her bedtime cup of milk, she and I always read a book, point to each family member in the hall photo, and laughingly grin at ourselves in the long mirror.

Not tonight.

Instead, she promenaded down the hall, haughtily looking over her shoulder at me and my attempts to get her to come back for our routine. I finally gave up, following to her bed where she quietly climbed in and lay down.

Mommy is a bit sad she's in a grown up bed. But Amelia? She doesn't have the words to say so, but her actions show she's proud of it. So, I put the blanket over her, turn off the light, and walk back down the hall to review today's pictures.

And I smile. I see more tools, this time not taking apart, but putting together--men carefully placing one board after another to create my family a new home. A place for my children to grow from toddlers to teenagers. A place for my husband and me to grow old together.

This change--it warms me with promise, hope, and evidence of God's faithfulness and love


  1. And soon, you will be able to fill your new home with more new beds and new furniture, making it your own. Your place of peace.

  2. A lot of bittersweet there in that post.

    The taking down, and the building up. That's the cycle of this life, isn't it?

    And oh, Jennifer. Your writing is terrific as usual.

  3. I just love how things are looking up for you this new year. I just love it... can't say it enough.

    This post, and the one before it about the "Final Big One" just stirred my heart to praise God for you, Jennifer.

    There is a coming earthquake that will cause such an irreparable rift, the final earth shaking event that will cause all to see that Jesus is indeed King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    I am waiting for that one too, the final redemption of our fallen state, and all shall be made new -- forever.

    Thinking of that makes us see everything in perspective, how the issues of this life are really light, momentary, and temporary...compared to the eternal weight of glory that will be revealed.

    Everything will come to light.

    I have been thinking of these things lately, and your posts did not come as a coincidence, but as a confirmation of what God has been speaking to my heart.

    I love the change your family is going through.

    Your twins are growing up...and you dream home (on this earth) is being built... and meantime, God is causing your spiritual foundations to go deeper, and become stronger... He is planting your feet on higher ground!

    I praise God for you today.


  4. So excited for you, Jennifer! Praising Him! He's an awesome God!