Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Adventure in Photography

This morning, we donned our Sunday best and arrived 15 minutes early at the studio to take our Easter pictures. I thought that was a good sign until I realized we would be getting the children dressed in the chilly parking lot. Thankfully, they're still too young to care about being modest.

Overall, it went well. The children still made me grind my teeth since 100% of the time, at least one out of three would be doing something not-picture worthy--hands in the mouth or covering the face, twirling, running, bouncing, looking anywhere but at the camera.

But the really good news? My children are now officially not the most defiant, bouncy, high-strung children in America! The photographer said so. Are you as excited as I am?

Somehow in God's grace, He arranged for an overactive two year old boy to have his photo session the same time as ours. It took three people to just try and get him to cooperate. The mom even commented if she got one good photo, she'd be thrilled because she had none of his fast-moving body.

After the vision of that little bundle of energy, I could only thank God for my brood. They are anything but sedate, but they've made rapid progress since Christmas photos.
The smile on my face doesn't reveal the hours spent shopping for a purple dress--one that didn't make me look like I was a grandma yet that didn't have a plunging neckline better suited for lingerie than a church outfit. Who knew that would be such a difficult request?
Princess Rose in a white organza embroidered dress I snatched up at the Thrift Store. This is one of the only times you'll ever see her in a bow. She constantly rips them out and turns them into chew toys.
This was Wyatt's first adventure in wearing a tie. He looks oh so grown up (and just as handsome as his daddy).
Emerson's blue eyes are going to make some girl fall over herself one of these days...but hopefully not for a long, long time.
Photos like these are enough to make me want more children...until I see the other 90 outtakes and realize God gave me only three for a reason.

**All photos are property of Portrait Innovations


  1. Jennifer, they're beautiful.

    But you knew that . . .

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. you just brought a smile to my face during a very long day!!! Miss you!

  3. Oh Jennifer...what a beautiful family! :)

    Thank you so much for sharing these great pictures! :)

  4. Oh the joy that these photos gave me today!

    Jennifer, I LOVE, LOVE this picture! ALL of them! I love the colors. LOVE purple for Easter, of course. You look so beautiful! And those kids--Wyatt all three-year-old-grown-up looking, Amelia--beautiful! Every time I hear someone say the brought ______ at the thrift store, I tell myself I should go more often. One of my very best friends (you probably remember her from the shower--Diana.) shops garage sales and the thrift store all the time. AMAZES me what she finds. That dress for Amelia is just beautiful especially for Easter.

    And Emerson. . . be still my heart.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  5. I still remember that Christmas photo adventure...and realize that it was only less than four months ago! But now, look at these lovely photos! Wow!

    Your family is beautiful, and definitely you look lovely in that dress!

    I am sure you are very happy with the outcome...I share your joy, dear Jennifer!