Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tipping the Scales Back from Failure

Ever since daylight savings time started a little over a week ago, my children have morphed into "those children" I see now and then when out shopping or at a restaurant.

You know the ones--the "(sigh, eye roll) thank God those aren't my children" kind who blast out impatiently "Where's my fork!?" at the dinner table, who say "No" to ever statement or request, who fall down kicking and crying when not getting their way, who deem daddy's new rule "ri-di-kew-lus."

While I'd like to blame all three of their attitude problems on the time change or sleep deprivation, my maternal instincts whisper that the timing is mere coincidence. Their increased food intake this past month, Amelia's outgrowing her shoes, the twins both learning to ride their tricycles in the last few days--these are clues that they have entered yet another season of defiance brought on by a growth spurt and mastery of new-found skills.

This spreading of wings towards independence is tough on their mommy...and them, too, learning to soar without flying past invisible boundaries.

As I sent someone to the naughty bench for the umpteenth time this week, I shook my head in defeat with images of them as delinquent teenagers flashing before me.

Then, as always, I caught a glimpse of progress--Amelia seeing Emerson hit his head and repeating, "You okay, Emerson? You okay?" until he responded, "Yes, I okay, Amelia." Emerson packing Amelia's pink clogs across the yard to her so she wouldn't get in trouble for taking them off (again).

But Wyatt--the most belligerent, can't-shut-his-mouth-to-save-his-life child...he's the one who really showed a tender awareness hidden beneath the frowns.

While I jerked 100 feet of garden hose around the yard for two hours watering the new sod, he brought out his birthday camera to take pictures of what he deemed important.

Flowers first.
Then the new thornless blackberry vine daddy planted Saturday.
The raspberry vine.His brother. ("Stay still Emerson! Mommy!!! Emerson won't stay still!!")
10 or so pictures of his artwork (chalk colored on freezer box turned "play house.")The large rocks he walks like a balance beam around my flower beds.
Streams of water.Mommy ("Say cheese!!")...minus half her head.
With no direction from me, he shot frames of what is important to him.

The world through a little boy's eyes shows a love for God's creation is taking root in his young soul.

And the scales tip.


  1. Those pictures are stop-you-in-your-tracks pictures!! So beautiful!

  2. He tried taking pics back in Dec and everything was a total blur. It seems the "still" part is finally making sense to him.

  3. I love Wyatt... he'll always have a special place in my heart. Someday, if I have a chance, I hope to be able to give him a good hug. His pictures, the way he sees what is important, are all indications of a spiritual sensitivity growing deep as he matures.