Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feet on the Path to Easter

All the plush bunnies are carefully arranged and rearranged on tops of furniture and in five little plastic-woven baskets. Plastic eggs for squealing hunts in the grass rest center on my kitchen cabinet. And at the foot of the stairs for our family to see first each morning is a cobalt vase of silk yellow daffodils and white irises that stand tall by the tomb, rock firmly rolled in front of its opening. In the foyer, the retro shimmering pink Christmas tree has been re-purposed as an Easter Resurrection tree, complete with children-hung eggs, stained-glass butterflies made from soda pop bottles, and leftover yarn "eye of God" ornaments. Even the back french door is covered with floral and butterfly clings that keep moving around when I'm out of sight.To the naked eye, my house is prepared for Easter.

But I know my heart is not.

My ladies' Bible study group is four weeks into a study of Revelation, looking not into the "when" but rather the "what" of Christ's return to earth. The further I've progressed through the prophecy, the more I realize I'm not ready for Him to return. There's so much left to do, so many who think they know but who really haven't even started down the narrow road.

It all begins here--at the cross.

Sure, Christmas may get all the hype, what with the wonder of Christ leaving His throne and choosing to encase Himself in the humble flesh of humanity. Yet, Easter should hold equal importance in the lives of Christians.

Lest we forget, the death and resurrection are as much a part of the equation as the birth.

Christ's birth


Christ's perfect sacrifice on the cross


God the Father accepting that sacrifice for all my sin and your sin


Christ's ultimate triumph over death in His resurrection


Eternal Salvation for all who believe.

It's two weeks until Palm Sunday. Three weeks until Easter. At this point before Christmas, most of us are busily baking, wrapping gifts, attending parties, and checking off an assortment of other holiday traditions.

But what about Easter? Are you getting prepared? Are you ready to meet the resurrected Lord?

If not, consider joining me and many others @ Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience. For the month of April, she's offering The Trail To the Tree, a 17-day Easter devotional to remind us of why we needed a Savior to come and redeem us all.

Let's prepare our hearts, tag along with Christ on that final dusty journey to Jerusalem, to the cross, to the tomb, and to life.


  1. You are so right. Thank you for the reminder, and I love what y'all did with the tree. :)

  2. Hello Jennifer,

    I'm so-oo pleased to meet you. You have raised a very interesting question about Easter. I love that you have pointed out the importance of Christ dying on the cross... To save me/us from our sins.

    I agree with you totally, "What about Easter?"

    Sadly, too many people Christians and Non-Christians alike waste so much time being caught in the trappings of this world, creating such hustle and bustle in their lives - particularly at Christmas.

    We must never ever forget what Christ Jesus has done for us. It brings me to tears to know His suffering is because of my sin.

    We must keep our focus on Christ at all times.

    You have a great blogspot here. I hope you don't mind me adding myself to follow your blogs. I would be honoured if you would stop by and visit me sometime.

    May the LORD bless you and your lovely family!

    With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  3. Hey,
    I a getting ready for Easter by realizing why God saved me through this amazing sacrifice.
    I am reading Radical by David Platt and he points out we who believe aren't the end result of his sacrifice. We who are saved, now live for His Glory, takikng His name and His Glory to all nations. The book is wonderful and I am very challenged to live up to my purpose.

  4. You're right Kelly--it never ends with salvation for one alone, but with a commission to go and tell so others can find Him. It's actually sad to think otherwise.

  5. Beautiful thoughts and post. What a great reminder to prepare for the season...HIS season...