Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking for the Invisible

The calendar may not yet read "March," but its stiff winds have been with us throughout the week, beckoning the little ones outdoors to see what miracles await. Although signs of Spring are everywhere, ready to burst forth at any moment, it's the power of the invisible wind I notice most.

Blossoms cling to stalks that choose to bend heads low and touch the earth rather than break.Even the heavy weight of fully-opened Camellia blossoms amongst stiff, waxy leaves isn't enough to stay still in its swift path.A bee struggles to cling to pollen-laden yellow rocket. After each strong gust knocks him from his flower perch, he hovers as best as he can in the gale, then clasp legs around another blossom for a few more seconds before the next gust hits, a process he continually repeats as I kneel and watch the performance.Even the tiny violets crouched low down within tender blades of grass twitch now and then as a breeze swirls low enough to catch their petals.
Everywhere I look, all creation moves with each invisible thrust of the Creator's hand--there is not a choice to do otherwise.

With each opening and closing of the camera's shutter, I capture only the visible...but it's really this invisible power that I was searching for,

One as un-capturable and as real as the wind that moves everything in turn.


  1. Just beautiful. I tweeted this. :)

  2. Beautiful Jennifer, especially from my still very white world.

  3. Lyla--I've seen Jennifer @GDWJ's ice pictures. You have all had a rough winter--truly one where everything is invisible beneath the white.

    Ginger--thanks. Thought of you and Rena the other day.

  4. Thanks Jennifer - interesting comment about looking for the invisible. Of course it is true, the Lord works in our lives both ways, visible, and invisible. I am a pastor and I hope you don't mind if I develop this topic into my sermon this coming Sunday, which is an informal family type worship where we have a bunch of young kids, and parents.

    I was stuck this morning wondering what topic to preach about, and then I bumped in to your blog - so glad I did. This is the providence of the Lord. Without knowing it, this week you have become part of our sermon team, which meets to discuss worship topics, to keep them child sensitive.

    Thanks so much, and I am so glad to have found your blog.

    God bless,

    Rev. Jay Barry