Friday, February 11, 2011

God Gave Us the World

Over a week ago, our household received the newest book in Lisa Bergren's "God Gave Us" series entitled God Gave Us The World...and I've sat on this post, waiting to see how my children would react to the book over time.

The book's premise is that Little Cub's parents take him to the museum to see an exhibit about the different kinds of bears God made. As a polar bear, Little Cub is astonished to learn that other types of bears don't live in the land of ice and snow and that (gasp) they don't all eat fish!

The lessons the book teaches are of accepting others' differences; of praising God for his varied, magnificent creation; and of taking care of God's world.

As with all of Bergren's books, this one, too, is precious for the nursery to preschool-aged child. My children have continued to request it, if for no other reason than to go "EWW!!!!" and erupt in giggles upon reading--again--that some bears eat trees and bugs.

It's not really a criticism, but I must note that the book attempts (several times) to explain the concept of "why" God made all parts of the world different, but even in simple terms, it's still a concept that has eluded my four-year-old.

**I receive no compensation for my review other than a complementary copy of the book from WaterBrook Multnomah publishers.

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