Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I feel like a less-elegant Dorothy in smelly, soggy t-shirts and well-worn red garden clogs instead of that pressed gingham dress and fabulous ruby slippers. One minute we're dealing with the everyday problems of living out of boxes, the next we're in the surreal world of Oz where everything magically unfolds and fits perfectly together.

But unlike Dorothy, I have done a lot more over the past week and a half than merely close my eyes and click my heels together three times.

Instead, it's taken a village to get us moved into our new home: An aunt, a cousin, a mother-in-law as the babysitting help. A daddy, father-in-law, and husband as the muscle and handymen. And a best friend and mother as the unpackers and interior decorators.

Last Friday morning made one week living here. With a lot of help, the transformation is nothing short of amazing.

Yes, there is a lot more work to do before I can settle into a non-moving routine around here, but I've found homes for most everything I boxed up before the move, and I'm steadily sorting through the rest.

Here's a couple pics of the most important rooms of the house (if your names are Emerson, Amelia, and Wyatt). I promise other pics will follow in later posts...once I get the laundry off my dining room table and the stack of boxes out of my bedroom.

Originally, this was to be my office, now converted into a toy room. I do believe it's the most used room in the house, as you can tell by the books strewn on the floor. This is the kitchen--the second favorite room. It's also the room where everything gets dumped on the counters until later. I love the space in here--just wish my brain would remember more rapidly what drawer I put what in.

And if you had any doubts about how happy the children were about the new house, this picture pretty much says it all. They love it. In fact, Wyatt said he liked moving. He doesn't get that from my side of the family.But seriously, on the day we moved in, the guy who laid our floor congratulated us on the new home and said, "You deserve it." I've turned that phrase over in my mind ever since and have finally determined why it bothers me so much. It's because no, I don't.

I don't deserve to live in central air conditioning. I don't deserve to live here any more than the next person.

But I am thankful, oh so thankful, for this blessing that God built for us, for your kind emails of support during this move, and for your prayers.

Five years of us trying to build a house didn't amount to two bricks stacked on top of one another. Yet, when God decided it was time to build a house? He proved His word: "Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. (Ps. 127:1).

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  1. Hi, I have just read up on some of the posts I have missed and I do want to congratulate you on your new house. It IS lovely, and I am sure you are proud of yourself for all the progress you have made.

    It surely is worth it all, dear Jennifer, although of course, the sorting out and putting into proper places the rest of the stuff in the boxes will continue for maybe a few more days, or weeks.

    But, as I have been following your life, (the little of it that you share in your blog), I can see the upward movement. ANd I am rejoicing with you.

    You are so right about what you wrote in the post just before the big move. Why we focus on keeping it neat, when the new house is nearly finished and ready for occupancy!

    That was an awesome revelation, and one I can also relate to.

    THanks for the perceptive posts you write, they so touch my heart so deeply... the one about the chin scars moved me so.

    Will be back again to visit, dear friend.