Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Mouth to Feed

I only think there are five people living in my house. Yet, I'm clearly mistaken.

There are seven. Just ask my three-year-old, and he'll tell you.

For the past month, he has entered the imaginary friend stage, not surprising since his mama had her own Samber James to keep her company at the same age. What is surprising is that Wyatt's friend isn't human.

"Birdie" showed up one day on Wyatt's shoulder and still hasn't managed to find her way back home. I've asked many questions to learn as much as I can about this creature so I can send her packing, but it's like seeing a piece of the Cheshire cat while the rest disappears.

I am failing miserably to pin down her species.

To start with, Birdie was red. But the last time I asked, she had turned brown and green, so she must have chameleon-like qualities.

Birdie also can't figure out which gender s/he wants to be. Wyatt usually refers to a "she." But then a few days ago, Birdie said she was going to get married to a girl named Martie. So, she obviously changed genders...or maybe not, since we haven't really had that conversation yet.

Birdie's age is suspect as well. She's always two fingers. But then those raised fingers are followed by the phrase "she's very old." (I told Birdie two year olds are too young to get married.)

The one thing I do know about Birdie is she likes to eat. She always shows up at dinner time, adding quite a lot to the conversation around the table.

In "her" most recent transformation, Birdie is now a scapegoat. Yesterday afternoon after a trip to the duck pond, she tore up Wyatt's duck feather "to pieces."

So, I did what any mother would do--I took up for poor Birdie. Brow furrowed, I seriously told Wyatt it wasn't nice to blame her for something he did. She didn't need to be punished for his bad behavior, did she?

Apparently, that was the right response. Seconds passed before he confessed to the crime.

I figure if I'm going to feed her, send her to her room when she's naughty, and nix her budding relationship with Martie, the least I can do is make sure she's treated fairly...

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