Friday, May 7, 2010

First Night

Like assembling the menagerie aboard Noah's Ark, I packed two of everything--pairs of shoes, shirts, shorts, underwear. Then came the PJ's and Tigger toothbrush, all tucked in the pint-sized suitcase I've had to hide since all three of my children received them as gifts last fall.

Last Friday night with suitcase and giant blue-and-green sleeping bag in tow, Wyatt spent his first night away from home at Grandmama's house before taking an early ride to pick up Uncle Johnathan from the airport.

Wyatt has talked about a sleepover since Christmas when the fleece-lined sleeping bag came to live at our house. If I attached springs to the bottoms of his shoes, I don't think he would have bounced any more than he did as I assembled his bag and loaded everything in the van. (And according to the grandparents, the bouncing didn't stop until bedtime.)

Excited eyes. Never-ending grin. Not a hint of fear. Not a moment's hesitation as I dropped him off and drove to a much-deserved, quiet dinner with my husband.

There, my husband asked me if I were ok.

I was surprised by the question. I honestly didn't think that I might have the mommy-right to be sad over this milestone--my little boy not needing his mommy at night. But,

I have enough that I could blubber over--Wyatt preferring to "read" books by himself rather than have me read them. Wyatt no longer wanting to sit in my lap and snuggle after naptime. Wyatt no longer giving me spontaneous kisses.

But this?

This is good.

One more step toward independence, towards being the little man I hope he one day will be.


  1. The picture is perfect, and makes me think of that boy growing up
    and up
    and up
    as he steps onward in this journey
    that is his own.

    And that dinner table? What a great place to be. I hope you enjoyed every minute of it. :-)