Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Much Needed Reminder

It's so easy to become full of myself.

To casually move through boxes on the calendar, ticking off one activity after another...

and feeling pride that I am keeping my head above water despite the waves of busyness crashing at my feet.

Feeling pride that I am ahead in my Bible study,

that the house is moving along more quickly than we ever dreamed possible,

that I'm caught up in my schoolwork,

that everyone is healthy.

And then God drops me to my knees.

A friend's newborn baby struggles to hold onto the strand of life, and me, a nation apart, unable to do anything but cry and pray.

Another beloved pet taken away, this time by leukemia.

A brother and sister leaving for a life away from home.

A personal bout with an unexpected illness.

And then,

face to the floor, I remember...

I am but dust.


  1. There will always be mountains and valleys. And may God be praised through it all!