Tuesday, April 20, 2010

High in the Sky

One small seed takes root deep inside and grows. Soft fuzzy hair. That baby smell. And although I'm still not sure when it happened, that seed has become a wiry little boy, long stick legs shooting upwards in yet another growth spurt.

Today, that growing seed wanted to climb a much older seed. Planted long ago, its lanky limbs reach skyward, not quite as high as the rooftops but still as majestic as an oak in its display of a full set of spring leaves.

Granddaddy has to help Wyatt reach the first limb of tree #1. Rough bark leaving raw, red scratches on tender skin, he climbs upward.

Unsteady at first, he straddles a lower branch. Then, he starts to move upwards, shoes hindering toes from closely grasping branches and feeling the sureness that can only come from a barefooted climb.

Ten, then fifteen feet in the air, he stops to see the world from his new perch and looks upward for another branch to take him higher.

Twenty yards away in the porch swing, my inner video player fast forwards through all sorts of scenarios--falling and breaking something, frantic driving to the ER, wearing a cast for months.

After ten minutes of biting my tongue, my mouth finally stops his ascent. "That's high enough Wyatt."

It's a command I have to repeat more than once as hands and feet almost unconsciously seek to defy the effects of gravity. Eventually, he asks for help getting down...so he can climb tree #2...and tree #3.

His daddy and I had hoped the 8 foot high mountain we purchased the children this past Christmas would be enough.

But the taller he grows, the higher he wants to climb.

That's something I understand.


  1. Jennifer,
    I love this.

    I really like “The taller he grows the higher he wants to climb”. That means a lot on many different levels.

    One thing about children that I so admire is there ability to “just do it”. They do not let their fears hold them back. The climb high, they just believe and they love without strings attached. Its funny when your little you can’t wait to grow up and when you grow up……you just want to have the faith and mind of a child.

    Thanks so much for this post……you have given me a lot to think about.


  2. Of course, I'd be doubled over losing lunch behind a bush and JP would be taunting me from the tree, knowing the depths of my irrational fear. Funny, I climb roofs for a living, and yet to have somebody else two feet off the ground makes me queasy.

    We're made to reach though. Kudos to you for letting him stretch it a bit.

  3. This was my favorite line:

    "Today, that growing seed wanted to climb a much older seed."

    As a mom of many boys....(and one little spitfire girl), I've spoken those words "that's high enough" as well as "that's fast enough, that's far enough, etc"!

    Embrace it all!

  4. Ah, I love that last line! The taller we grow (go) the higher we want to climb. My grandson, Wyatt, is a tree climber too. Must be sumpin about the name? Heheh...