Monday, November 16, 2009

An Upside Down Christmas

Each time we visit the mall, my almost three-year-old is drawn to the cow hide ottoman and zebra hide chair. Textures interest him. But lately, his interest has shifted to this upside down Christmas tree.

I initially thought it was some stock boy's idea of a joke. But another upside-down tree is in the same major department store at the other mall across town. It's intentional, obviously a decision from corporate headquarters.

Whether or not it's intended to serve as a statement on what Christmas has become, that's what it says to me.

Surrounded by evidences of a celebration of hope turned into a celebration of commercialism, this tree shimmers as a reminder that this is not how it is supposed to be.

The store ads keep emphasizing that Black Friday is coming.

But so is the birth of my Savior.

And He bled drops of red for me.

(Many thanks for the kind prayers you sent me--I am doing much better and the children are perfectly healed. My hubby is still suffering some, but he, too, is starting to recover.)

[Update: I googled the phenomenon today and discovered upside down Christmas trees are the newest fad. Moms like them because they can keep more ornaments away from small children and pets; retailers like them because they allow for more ornaments at eye level, which encourages people to buy more; kids like them because there's more room for presents beneath them. USA Today reports they're selling like hotcakes. Does no one but me see the terrifying irony in buying a tree that points to hell?]


  1. I don't think I would have made the connection with the upside down tree on my own. How true it is that things are backwards and out of whack. It's like people want to take Christ out of Christmas altogether. I can't seem to find the good news in that...

  2. I first saw an upside down Christmas tree a couple of years ago at a 365 day Christmas outlet, and I was like you, I thought it was a mistake. It's definitely "different", but I think that might be the problem. Everyone is always looking for "different", the latest fad, the newest thing...what's wrong with tradition? What's wrong with heritage? What's wrong with keeping things simple? Most importantly, what's wrong with keeping the Main thing, the main thing? You're right, let's more focused on "Jesus being the reason for the season", rather than sales and crowded malls, decorations, parties, gifts, me, me, me...thanks for the reminder!

  3. OMG! Where have you seen those?? I'm sceered... ha!

  4. I'm right there with you!

    I discovered this strange phenomenon last year. I had basically the same feeling.

    Funny, I noticed in one of our Bathroom Readers the other day (yes, we read those ;)) that during the Middle Ages Christmas trees were hung upside down.

    At the very least, it looks strange to me. But it gives me a sickening feeling. You are not alone.

    Been meaning to email you about baby Gavin! We're so excited!

  5. No, Jennifer, I have not seen that Veggie tales. Bet it's awesome. How's your Grandma Della doing?