Thursday, December 29, 2011

What "Every Good and Perfect Gift" Includes

This man with crisp white shirt and tie, the one who sits to the side, in the back of most every social event or party, his head tucked down in silent humility, realizing he doesn't know more than he knows and what he does know isn't as important as what he doesn't know.This man who spends an afternoon lifting our youngest son high over his head to do what Emerson would otherwise be unable to do--make that basket. Son grins, giggles, and runs after the ball before running back to his daddy who lifts him once again.
This man whose shirt bleeds red with sweat mingled clay as he chips through Louisiana concrete late into the night, trench only lit by lanterns as he works on an outside office so he can spend less time commuting and more time home with his wife and children.
This is the man God wrapped in a simple college desk and sent me fifteen years ago. Four years later, this is the man I swore before God and family to love and cherish.

Even now, after, in the midst of the everything of life, when I can't lift myself off my knees, can't even lift my eyes from the wood is then that I am in awe, once again, at the man my heavenly Father has given me to serve as my helpmate.

When I said "I do," my younger self really had no idea of what it meant for the man she loved to be created for her. I had no idea how he would step up where I lacked, how my flaws would be tempered by his strengths, how he would be what I needed without my even knowing there was a something as silly as his love of my feet was just part of God's overall plan to help me, the woman whom the masseuse says holds tension in her feet.

Tonight I stand in awe of my Father who created this man for me, a Father who gives me every good and perfect gift.


  1. What a precious post. Sweet wife. Sweet, God-blessed marriage.

  2. A great tribute to your man. I'm especially fond of the image of your guy working by lantern-light, so he can be closer to you more often. That's good stuff. (And he's got a lovely lady, too...)


  3. Congratulations... a good marriage is one that keeps growing through the pains and the joys shared by husband and wife... where both understand that the journey is made up of a series of mini destinations... and that the whole process of staying married is a battle worth fighting... because they know there is an evil force out there whose aim and purpose is to break marriages apart!

    Congratulations for reflecting the heart of the Father in your marriage.

    I also read the previous post and left a message.


  4. Yes, marriage is a blessing. I tend to forget that, but like you said Lidia--it's worth fighting for.