Monday, November 29, 2010

Make This Christmas a Miracle

Today has been one of those days when I wish I had a video camera permanently strapped on my forehead so I could show my children fifteen years from now just how mischievous they really were.

One snapshot would show a crying Wyatt, pink flower boots stuck firmly in the center of the mud as a bootless-mama tentatively wove a path to him without sinking out of sight herself.

The next snapshot, a mere 30 minutes later, would show my face sag in defeat as I realize that while I folded laundry, the twins pulled all the ready-to-pop blossoms off my blooms-once-a-year Christmas cactus.

The final snapshot from right before bath time would show Amelia happily covered in three entire shelves worth of children's books...courtesy of Wyatt.

My children are enough to make me scream--and it's only Monday!But in the midst of it all, they give me glimpses of maturity, of kindness, of an empathy for others that just amazes me.

Last week, Wyatt wanted to write a letter to his Grandma who recently went through knee surgery. As the babies slept, he told me what to write, and I did. Then, he copied the letters.
If you can't read his writing, the last sentence reads, "Hope your knee is better now." I tried to get him to skip the "now," telling him that although we prayed ever night, it would take her awhile to feel better.

Completely undeterred, he insisted on writing the "now" anyway.

Today, he and I spent our afternoon "special" time looking at the World Vision Gift Catalog. Crouched over the small kitchen table, he spent half an hour flipping back and forth through the small twenty-page booklet. I tried to explain what each item was how it could help others, and how it would be our way to show them at Christmas that God loves them since Christmas is about God sending His best gift of Jesus to us.

I was so amazed to see how serious Wyatt was about this decision. As he looked, he would have me repeat the story of some pictures, especially of the one boy with the distended stomach from parasites.

Finally, I asked what he would like to give. First on his list were two chickens (expected since Oma raises them and he knows how good an egg tastes). But after that, he surprised me, asking for mosquito nets to protect a family from mosquitoes, medicine to help them feel better, and clean water so they wouldn't get sick from drinking bugs.

Late in the evening, I had Wyatt tell his daddy what he was "buying" to give and why. I smiled as he actually remembered (1) exactly what he chose to give and (2) that we were giving to others who were in need to show them God's love.

Seeing this child blossom, watching him learn to show Jesus' love to others...these are the "milestones" that I tuck away in my heart.

And it makes me wonder--although my family's gift won't make but a tiny difference in the world, what if we all spent more on others in need this year than on presents for ourselves?

Then, what an even greater miracle Christmas truly would be.


  1. How sweet is that! I think it's great how your family is giving to others and it is marking their little hearts as well.

  2. Ah, beautiful! I remember one of my twins doing something similar. Years ago we were watching a show about the poor people in the south, and how they didn't even have indoor plumbing, when Aaron yells "Dad knows how to build bathrooms, he can go and help them!" Out of the mouths of babes...

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I'm visiting your blog this afternoon...and have just finished reading the four posts you have written since I last visited (Making Peace with Santa).

    It always warms my heart to read your posts, like this one about Wyatt... and the one about Advent... your stories about the shoes you are going to miss also touched my heart...

    But your story about Mia's death made me cry. I know you are going to miss her. My dachshund Kiwi unexpectedly died ten years ago... and it took me months to grieve. I really missed him, until one morning, GOd spoke to me and assured me that my Kiwi was waiting for me in heaven. That brought a closure to my grieving season for my pet dog.

    Yes your Mia and my Kiwi are in heaven right now.

    THanks for all these posts written from the heart.